Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Terrible two's and Time moving on!

For regular readers,  apologies  for not posting for a while. I have no real excuse other than for some reason my joy of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) left me. I hope to redress this in the next few weeks, I hope with a renewed vigor!

A lot has happened namely my 2 year old has gone from a toddler to a little boy (sob, sob!)

Caterpillar is potty trained (except for the past 4 days, when he decided it was "funny" to poo in his pants) Mummy hasn't laughed much!

Caterpillar has also dropped his sleep, so around 5 o clock is a little fraught in our household! The terrible 2s has hit with vengeance. How can a quiet loving little chap, turn into a tantrum throwing little monster, who blows raspberries at you when you tell him off!

Caterpillar has now moved into LBR room and his room has become a playroom.

Caterpillar is now an absolute demon on LBR scooter. He has the grazed chin and forehead to prove it!

Caterpillar has now started African Dancing and LOVES it. How can two children be so different. LBR absolutely hates noise (if he isn't making it) He still hates music, singing, dance and yet that is all Caterpillar wants to do. LBR idea of Hell is Caterpillars idea of heaven!

LBR is now able to read, really well. In a year he has gone from not knowing all his letters to reading well above his age. It really is very impressive what a good state primary school and  parent involvement can achieve!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Past, Present and putting Ghosts to Rest!

I have just come back home after a fabulous weekend. It is only the second time I have left the boys for the night and as I left yesterday morning with both boys holding each of my legs sobbing that they didn't want me to leave, I left with trepidation.

I was meeting my old school friends from the old boarding school I used to attend. It had been 28 years since I left and so consequently 28 years since I had seen the majority of them.

I arrived at St Georges with half an hour to spare and just sat looking at the boarding house reminiscing about how unhappy I was there. I hated being away from my parents. 12 years old is rather young to be sent away from school. (unfortunately it was necessary as I father moved 5 times in 3 years) When under stress, I still dream I am there and am trying to convince my parents I shouldn't be!

I digress. It was a fabulous trip down memory lane.
We ate supper and knew we were not allowed to get up from the table until 7.00pm, when we ran like Billy Bob to be the first in the TV room, to watch Top of the Pops.
The Ghost stories,
The midnight feasts.
The crushes we all had.

The smell was exactly the same, as was the peeling paint, the clock and prep rooms.

The boarders sitting on the teachers head table in the Dinning Room.

After our tour around the school, we went back to hotels to change for a night of drinking, a lot of laughing and a lot of catching up to do. 28 years of catching up in about 4 hours!

Friday, 28 September 2012

A good scolding at Starbucks

We have a had a stressful couple of days, not helped with me having the lergy, which is like man flu, but obviously a lot worse. (Thanks Louise for that quote!)

I have walked LBR, Caterpillar and the two dogs to LBR school for the past year and a half. I have tied them up outside the school gate, without any problems (the dogs, not the children!). . . until now! Last week a busy body of a teacher took exception to the dogs and couldn't think of a valid reason why they shouldn't be there, the only thing she could come up with was, she thought it was cruel that they were left tied up  for 20 minutes. Yesterday I had another teacher say, "they were not allowed to be tied to the rail anymore as it was school rules!" I explained, I have 2 children and two dogs, you want us to walk to school as much as possible for my children's health, but are now pretty much making it impossible for me to do that. (an hour walking the boys to school and back, then coming home and walking the dogs for an hour twice a day is just not feasible) So they have just made my life a darn sight harder.

Caterpillar and I have been sorting his toys and took a load to the charity shop this morning. I thought we both deserved a cup a tea and a babychino in Starbucks (our local). A new member of staff was on and unbeknownst to me, made his chino with BOILING hot milk and filled a tiny paper takeaway cup. You guessed it. The chino was put on the table, 2 seconds later it was tipped  all over caterpillars tummy, burning him through two layers of clothing. They put a burn dressing on him and told me to lie him down. He was so stressed from the burn and crying he fell asleep, which left me sitting in Starbucks from 10.30 until 12.45 without a drink, a paper, unable to move, with a beautiful  little poorly head on my lap!

It took me until 12.30 until I managed to get someones attention, to get me a drink and a paper. 10 minutes later Caterpillar woke up, with a very sore tummy. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mr Independence

LBL went to bed a beautiful 2 year old and has woken up as a completely independent little man. . . .it is driving me mad.

Caterpillar, time to get dressed.

My turn. . . . .half an hour later (and a tantrum if I try and help) he still hasn't got his socks on.

Good Boy Caterpillar, for doing a wee in your potty.

My Turn as he picks the potty up spilling it everywhere.

Caterpillar, please get in your push chair


No, with have to pick your brother up.

WALK! A wrestle ensues with lots of tears and tantrums.

MY TURN! to do the safety belt up

My Turn, to undo the safety belt

My Turn, to push the push chair.

My Turn, to clean his teeth.

Caterpillar, I need to wipe your nose/ bottom

My Turn, well you can imagine the mess.

Caterpillar, I need my phone

My Turn.

No, it's Mummy's turn. I put it in my back pocket and whilst bending over, he pick pockets me and chucks it on the hard floor. . . .my 3rd I phone in as many months!

. . .and it continues.

Eating, making up his milk, bathing,. . . . it’s a battle field!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dandy Dijjie

Dijjie have designed some more beautiful baby suits.  It really is a shame both my boys are way too big for them!
How gorgeous is the "dandy doo" below?
Dandy Doo by Dijjie
It comes in sizes    0-3 months, 
                            3-6 months, 
                            6-9 months,
                            9-12 months
and a snip at £20.
The Dandy Doo is super soft and durable. The playsuit, is printed to give the cool but stylish look of dark indigo jeans finished with a dandy red neck scarf.
It has an edgy look but with the practical benefits of a romper. It is nickel-free, with branded poppers on the inside leg for easy access.
it is also machine washable up to 40° to blast all those baby stains!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Its All Change!

It has been a very busy few weeks. LBR has started back at school, the great leap into year 1.
LBR doesn't do change. 
So heading off to school with 2 new teachers (job share) a new entrance and a new part of school(built over the summer holidays) it felt like we were entering into a new world.  The first few days we have had tears. The last few has been really bad behaviour when I pick him up. Its not easy for any of us!

LBL is in and out of "big boy pants" completely dry and clean at home, but as soon as we step out of the house, he forgets he doesn't have a nappy on. To be honest I haven't persevered. He now wants to go to "the loo" so hopefully he has now got over his fear of falling down it! So over the next few days we are going to take the plunge! I will keep you informed!

As you know LBL had his adenoids out in the middle of August. . . the hope was to give the poor little munch a break from the snotty nose, the fever, the headaches. . . .He has lasted 3 weeks and he is full of cold. Really poorly! They were unable to take his tonsils out, because he was too young. I suspect in a years time, he will have to undergo another general anaesthetic to have them removed. I feel so sad for him! i thought i would get a break from snot covered clothes!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Eyeing Excellence Everywhere.

There have been a lot of tears shed by myself and The Husband over the past few days. The children have know idea what is going on.

We are again hooked on the Olympics. All I can say is. . . . WOW.    I am so humbled. Life can be hard enough in the best of times, but these young people have looked life in the eye and wrestled it to the ground, kicked it around a few times and worked so bloody hard to achieve these amazing fetes and be the best they can be.  We are witnessing the best of humanity! We are shedding tears by the bucket load!

When we have managed to tear ourselves away from the Para Olympics, we have wondered down to Bournemouth Beach to watch the Bournemouth Airshow. Another spine tingling experience. We actually stood on the cliff top, which made us eye level with the Red Arrows. So armed with my iphone we took some amazing pictures.

Red Arrows at the Bournemouth Airshow

Last year  pilots Jon Egging  and his colleague  Sean Cunningham lost their lives. (Jon, whilst trying to land his arrow after the display at Bournemouth airshow and Sean, in a training accident)  The Red Arrows displays, paid tribute in flight to their absent comrades and to the heroes of Bomber Command. They flew in a formation of seven and once again included  a Phoenix formation, with Red 10, Squadron Leader Mike Ling, telling the crowd: “We miss them very much. This is our memorial for Egg Man and Sean.”  It really was a fitting tribute!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Morning Routine

Momma, Momma, MOMMA, milkoo
LBL is awake
Bottle made, kettle on.
LBL quiet for 5 minutes.
Momma Momma its Time.
Pick LBL up, nappy changed.
Teeth cleaned, dressed. (me not him)
Momma, Momma, I'm awake.
I'm hungry, I'm Thirsty.
LBR is awake.
I want my Breakfast, I want a drink,
Don't you mean "please may I ?"
LBL  wont leave me alone.
Momma, Help me.
tired mother
LBR please get dressed.
LBL don't throw that!
LBR have you got dressed yet?
LBL I have told you not to throw that!
Momma I've spilt my drink,
Momma, LBL has thrown his breakfast on the floor.
Momma can I have another drink?
Momma LBL is feeding the dogs.
LBL please don't feed the dogs,
LBR eat your breakfast.
LBL please sit down.
Stop shouting!
Momma where is my sonic screwdriver?
Momma may I have a biscuit?
Momma watch this.
Momma play with me.
Please everyone can I have 5 minutes to drink my cup of tea?

Monday, 27 August 2012

Lighter Shades of Grey

The time is 5.30am and I sit here at my parents house, with LBR sitting on the sofa watching Ben 10. The boys didn't go down until 10.00 pm last night, so I am in for a very tired little boy today. (and a very tired Momma, who is already feeling a little Grey) He is awake because of the excitement of being here and the promise of taking apart a light that has broken. LBR and Grandad are going to try and fix it, which will involve deconstructing and then reconstructing. In LBR world, it doesn't get much better than that! Wires, screws, bolts, metal, the perfect combination.

Genetics is a funny old thing. "The Husband" used to do the same with his Grandfather. We have various bits around the house that they built together. LBR and Daddy will often have a discussion about how electric currents work on a circuit board and how sound and light travels. LBR is really interested in the mechanics of things. What is a tornado? How does it form? (cold air from Canada and warm air from Sth America, in case your interested. . .a fact I have just learnt!) How do the clouds form? What does a Tornado siren look like? How does it sound? What are the electrics in a siren?  All these questions I have absolutely no idea about and to be honest in all my years I have never given a moments thought. (believe me there are a lot of years!) So "You tube" and google have become my new best friends. . . There are also a lot of "ask your Father" in answer!

So for the 10th time this morning, LBR has asked "when will Grandad wake up?" the time is still only 6.40am. . .its going to be a long morning! 

Friday, 24 August 2012

The National Anthem Lullaby

As we walked home yesterday from the beach, LBL started singing, nothing unusual as he sings all the time. But it was his choice of song that was interesting.  The National Anthem. He knows all the words from start to finish. He heard it so many times over the Olympics that it has become a household favourite. Last night whilst singing his lullaby's at bed time, he asked me to sing "Queen" So I duly obliged and sang God Save The Queen to my 2 year Old whilst rocking him in my arms gently to sleep!

Photo: British national flag
British National Anthem

 I'm not a monarchist!

Photo: http://en.beijing2008.cn/ceremonies/photos/closingceremony/handover/n214584211.shtml

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Writers Block, Wife, Mother, Domestic Slave.

I have writers block and have had it for the past 2 weeks.

Since starting this blog in May, I have really enjoyed the "Me Time" writing  has given me. Time where I think about the good and bad in my life, write about it and usually feel a darn site better than before I wrote it. A time away from the children (although I am usually writing about them) A time where I am not "Mummy" "Wife" "Domestic Slave", but a  thinking, breathing, human being and a whole entity all of my own.

So why the block? Their are a zillion boys clothes out there I could write about. I can't find inspiration. We have been on  trips to the New Forest, Bournemouth Beach, seen the fire works (I have written about them before) LBL is recovering well from his operation last week. LBR is being fabulous with him. The weather at last is great, hence the trips to the beach and yet no inspiration.

I have had great enjoyment in learning a new craft, namely New Media. How to write this blog. Tags, labels, search descriptions. How to promote it. Its been a long time since I learnt something new.  How does Google + and twitter link to the blog? A whole fabulous mind field. Yet I haven't so much as opened my twitter account and can't be bothered to even look at my google+. All the things I Loved!

I am writing this post to try and break the deadlock, hoping if I at least put pen to paper(well fingertips to keys) tomorrow, I will have inspiration and I will begin to get my creative juices pumping.

In the mean time, any ideas of what to do would be greatly appreciated!

Image by:

Friday, 17 August 2012

NHS, Adenoids and Fire Fighting!

Its been all quiet on here this week because LBL has been in hospital to have his adenoids out. Monday night, the night before the operation, I didn't sleep a wink. I know its a minor op, but I just stood looking at his little cherub face and was terrified.

Tuesday morning was a little stressful as LBL  didn't understand why he couldn't have his milk and why we were waking him up at 5.50am. The whole procedure went like clockwork. I wheeled him into theatre, with his lip quivering, but he wasn't crying. He just held my hand really, really tight(by this time my lip was quivering and I just wanted to pick him up and run away with him!) they put the gas mask on his face and 20 seconds later, he was asleep.

 It goes against all of your instincts as a parent, to leave your frightened child with a whole load of strangers who are going to hurt him. But he had had, 5 courses of antibiotics in the past 6 months so it had to be done.

3 hours after LBL operation 
After the op I went down to pick him up from theatre, as we went down I could hear crying, a lovely nurse was lying in his bed, with LBL in her arms just cuddling him. He was distraught for about another hour and a half and then he slept for two hours. He opened his eyes and you wouldn't know he had anything done. Children are amazing!

He is home safe and sound now. A little more tired than usual. Mummy on the other hand has found the whole experience really stressful!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Dr Who and the sonic screwdriver

I sit hear surrounded by Dr Who's. LBR has invited a friend over for a play date and for the past 3 hours they have been running around the house with sonic screwdrivers killing the baddies, namely Daleks, Cyber men and Weeping angels.

Dr Who Daleks

Last night I found myself running around the garden, calling for "Dr" as I was shooting the Daleks.( I was Amy, who apparently is Dr Who's side kick) LBR was "The Dr" and armed again with the sonic screwdriver, which apparently open doors, it can kill baddies, it can go through wood, (LBR words) it doesn’t get much better than that!

When I was a child (Tom Baker was my Dr Who. . .showing my age!) I never really got into it. I found it too scary and when I was old enough not to be scared, I lost interest. As a side bar, I used to date an old "Dr Who" ( a million years ago) We would constantly be interrupted having a drink or supper because of grown men asking for autographs, or telling him they loved him and on some occasions didn't like him (why bother to go up to someone to tell them that!) I digress. . .

As LBR has been really good over this holiday, we bought him the sonic screwdriver. How could a small bit of plastic with a light at the end of it, enlighten such an imagination. It has been worth the £20 (yes £20 for the cheapest bit of plastic) to see the hours and hours of entertainment it has given.

Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver

LBR is back on a play date with the other Dr  tomorrow.  I feel very sorry for the Dalecs!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Childhood. Time with Daddy

This is my first blog hop. I thought I would find a  worthy cause for my first attempt. I was asked to post a picture about childhood.

My boys are very lucky, they have a father, who not only loves them, but enjoys them. A father that  wants to do things with them, take them places, teach them, learn with them. I suspect like me, they will remember all the fun times they had with their Dad, they will be the treasured memories of their childhood.

This is part of a blog-hop organised by Patch of Puddles to highlight the plight of West African children who have been deprived by drought and poverty of such a childhood. The charity Worldvision has until 30th August to raise funds that will be matched £1 for £1 by the British government. Donations will provide food, sanitation, health services and long-term development programmes for destitute families. I tag cold tea and smelly nappies. and Helpful Mum to choose a photo(s) that they think sums up childhood to help spread the word. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

2 wolves inside us

I came across this whist stumbling around the net, so thought I would share it with you.

Boys School Shoes. Part 1

So if your organised, you will be starting to think about school shoes.  I have found a few pairs of school shoes at the cheaper end of the market.  I have had a look at Clarks(of course) and the only pair I like are the Raptomania junior, which starts at size 13. (LBR is a 11.5 H fit!) and costs £34. (so not as cheap as I hoped!)

Clarks School shoes:  Raptomania

They come in sizes 13-2.5 and fittings e-h.

If your budget is a little pushed this year, but your little one is still after "cool shoes" (LBR words) then what about these spiderman webby from Wynsors.

Spiderman Webby from Wynsors

They are retailing at £15.00 having been reduced from £20

Another reasonable priced school shoe are these Leather velcro shoe in Black from Shoe zone. They come in sizes 10 - 6. (no width fitting) and cost £12.99

shoezone Boys School Shoes

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympics, Lego & Dirty Laundry.

So we have all arrived home safe and sound and are glad to be home. LBR was hoping for rain, as he wanted to feel cold. (that has changed today as hes been freezing all day) The Lego is out, the dirty laundry is in the basket and the trampoline has been used all day. The house is full of noise and mess, but it doesn't matter how great a holiday you have had, you can't replace your first cup of tea and sleeping in your own bed.

We have had the Olympics on all day. My goodness, the Brits are the first to put ourselves down, but haven't we got a lot to shout about? Not just about how many medals we have won, but how great the organisation has been as well as how sporting and amazing the crowd has been. I feel very proud to be British!
Proud to be British

The girls are all safe in their respective homes after quite an interesting journey home. If you are a regular reader, you will know we gave the girls money for them to budget for the whole holiday. The whole time we were away, I reminded them they would need money for the return journey. Of course being 14 and 18 they knew better. Why would they need a drink or food for the 5 hour journey?  They would much rather go out the night before we left. We did feed them breakfast and lunch on the day we left.  They started "begging" about an hour after we arrived at the airport. We relented and brought them a drink, but were determined not to give in on the food front. We wanted them to learn a valuable lesson. We in the end had to really tell them off on the plane. They  continued to make such a fuss about how we were starving them and could they have any one of the boys provisions.(asking every 2 minutes)  By the time we arrived home they were nearly fainting with hunger! Poor loves!

So we all had cereal for supper this evening, (as that is what the boys wanted) and we now have returned to normality. Its great to be home.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Silent Sunday

Outside of our Finca, covered in bougainvillea

LBR and LBL in their Zoobug sunglasses

The outside our bedroom window

Friday, 27 July 2012

Did you know....?

Did you know,  If a teenage girl throws her sisters Ipod Nano into the pool (whilst having a strop.)  that it still works if you get it from the bottom of the pool and put it in the sun for an hour?

Did you know,  In Mallorca the chickens and their chicks (which are days old) see off all the cats and eat all the cat food?

Did you know, If you let teenagers have "a shandy", they end up having "a  few" beers and think you can't tell? (coming back completely plastered)

Did you know, Life doesn't get much better than this?

Did you know, If you send teenagers to the shop to buy bread, cloth's and milk, they come back with a few sweets and nothing else because they can't find the rest?

Did you know, As a mother of 2 young boys, sitting even for an hour to read a book is impossible? (I have been here for 10 days and am on page 20)

Did you know, When the husband and I go out without the children for the evening, (our first time since LBL was born) after an hour, we spent the whole time looking over our shoulder, really excited the boys are coming to join us?

Did you know, Although I have absolutely no "me time", my clothes are being pulled at all the time, my clothes are constantly dirty with snot, food, dirt, I am still sleep deprived, I have aged 10 years in the past 5, I would not change a single thing?

Did you know, I was born to be a Mother and feel extremely privileged and very lucky

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Teenage Experiment with Money

We decided when coming away, as 2 of the girls are 14 and the other is 18, to give them a little bit of independence by giving them money on day one to last them the whole 2 week holiday.We decided to give them the same amount each, to teach teenagers about the value of money, which would also give them the freedom to come and go as they please. The amount between them is equivalent to a weeks shop. . .so a fair amount.

Teenager 1

It has been a really interesting experiment. The first night, (after I had completed a big shop,) they came home at 11.00pm (after us feeding them 3 meals and copious amounts of snacks) to raid the fridge, including pop, pizza and cake.

Teenager 2

I explained, the money we gave them was for goodies and any other provisions outside of essentials, so if they wanted crisps, pop, sweets, they should buy them their selves. The following evening  we went out for drinks. All three of them sat there without buying a drink. All of a sudden, they were not thirsty. (any other time, they would have had at least 2 drinks each!) They begrudgingly bought a drink themselves the following night!

At home they still haven't brought provisions (they have decided they don't  want to snack as they are on diets) and yet without fail they will go into the fridge and ask if they can have a....I have offered to take 10E off of each of them and buy all the goodies they need. But of course they they don't want me to do that.

Teenager 3

So the moral of the story is (which I and the world all ready knew) is, Teenagers are very prepared to spent every penny you own, but will do everything they can possibly do to avoid spending a penny of their own. I will never make this mistake again!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Zoobug Sunglasses

I wrote a few weeks back about childrens sunglasses. I fell in love with Zoobugs great designs for young children, which I felt were stylish, yet still practical.
The good people of Zoobug read this blog and very kindly sent the boys a couple of pairs of Aviators for our trip.

LBR being a"a boy" wearing his Zoobug sunglasses

Redd absolutely LOVES them! At first he wouldn’t wear them and just carried the case around with him, because he didn’t want to them to break, or get them dirty! (believe me, that is praise indeed!)

Zoobug glasses and a blue tongue!

He says (in his words) “they are very comfortable, They make everything Orange, They are nice for my eyes in the sun and the case is orange” I must say they look fabulous. They have hypoallergenic stainless steel frame with flex hinges. Which makes them very light. Perfect for little noses. obviously they have all the necessary UV protection.  (Polycarbonate UV400 graduated lens)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Silent Sunday. Mallorca

LBL stroking a chick in Mallorca

Now that's a water Melon

A Very Happy boy

A perfect Mallorca Peach

Fresh Eggs

LBR wearing Zoobug sunglasses

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Campanet, Mallorca

The Finka we are staying in, is in a little village called Campenet at the foot of the Mallorca Hills, to the north of the island, about 10km from Inca. There is a pithier of shops and small cafes around the central square were a beautiful church dominates. The Church  chimes on the hour and the half hour.

Campanet Mallorca

It is very much a traditional Spanish village. The square is “the place” to socialise. Where gossip is exchanged, where the elderly and the young mix and equally feel at home. Last night and tonight a touring theatre is in town. They provide 15minutes sketches using the local shops and pubs as their theatre, which surprisingly proved really popular with the locals

The food served in the café is a mixture of traditional Spainish and American to cater for the tourist, especially cyclist who stop here for a break, before tackling the Huge Hills( a lot of the Olympic team train here)

Its incredibly child friendly. All the children are still out playing in the middle of the square at 10.00pm whilst the parents have a drink and keep an eye on them. Everyone is extremely well behaved.

Alcudia Beach is about a 15minutes drive away. Far enough away for the village to keep it's Mallocan feel, but close enough to enjoy one of the best child friendly beaches in Europe.

The Mallorca hills

If you wanted a holiday that has the feeling of being in the middle of Spain, with all their traditions,  with child friendly facilities a spitting distance away. Then this is the area for you.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Mallorca and Travelling with 7

I sit here by a beautiful pool with the Mallocan hills behind me. The temperature is a blamy 30C degrees, the chickens and their chicks are resting barely a few feet away from my sun bed. The peace is occasionally broken by the cock crowing and a dog barking occasionally in the distance.

The Teenagers

I have to say, this is the first time I have sat down in the past 3-4days. The actual travelling from Bournemouth to Mallorca was pretty simple. The cab arrived as promised pretty promptly at 4.45. We arrived at the airport 20 minutes later. We went straight through departures as we only had hand luggage. The flight was on time and thankfully none eventful. We were in a cab on the way to Campenet within half an hour of landing and arrived in Campanet half an hour later. Simple.

It was the organisation to get to that point that was so stressful. Due to family circumstances, my parents now look after my 2 teenage nieces. In order to give them a break, “the husband” and I take them away every year (that sounds very grand. . .this is the second yr) to give my parents a break. Step D, also comes along. So it is the 7 of us. 3 Teenagers, a 2 year old, a 5 year old and “the husband and I”

The day before we travelled I had to go and pick both girls up from different locations in London. The dogs had to be looked after, so I was franticlly trying to find someone who would be willing to come into the house to look after them. Which led to more stress, as then the house needed to be really cleaned. (not just the lick and a polish, I would have done!)

LBR finished school 2 days early. Before I set off to pick up the girls, I had to go to see his new teachers and find out about yr 1 (that’s another post!). Ryan Air require you to check in on-line before departure. The system kept crashing and wouldn’t allow me to check in Step D and then the printer wouldn’t work, to print the boarding cards.

Family fun!

So I sit here now, really, really appreciating where I am. One of the girls is teaching LBR to dive, (there is a lot of laughing going on) LBL is asleep and the others are laughing in the pool, throwing a ball around. Does it get better than this?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Olympic Torch & Nathan Blackie

The Husband is friends with the local pub owner "The Porterhouse" Jonathan is a very proud man. His son Nathan Blackie, 14, (who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at nine months old,) was nominated by his coach at the AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts football team to run with the olympic torch. A whole team from our local area went to Dorchester to cheer him on. This is what the local newspaper Daily Echo  had to say about his run.

"Torchbearer Nathan Blackie, 14, from Bournemouth, cast aside his crutches to walk 300 metres past the cheering children.
The brave youngster suffers from cerebral palsy and was determined to carry the flame unaided.
He said: “The cerebral palsy tightens the muscles in my legs.
“I had an operation and I’ve spent time a long time trying to get around.
“I was very nervous and so glad I managed to get around.”
Modern penthathlete Jamie Cooke carried the torch up to the house.
He said: “I was nominated to carry the torch by the British Olympic Association and it has just been so overwhelming. It is great to see all of the community together.”" The whole community is so proud of him.

Redds school is also very excited, as Jonathan (Nathans father) has agreed to take the torch into his school. So they will all get a chance to have a look at the torch close up!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Boys Sun Hats & Swim Hats

At last the sun is out. There are some lovely sun hats for boys around at the moment. I really like this twill beanie sun hat which retails at £10 from jojo maman bebe.

These are pretty much the only style I can keep on LBL head. Stylish yet practical. They come in a varity of colours , greeen, red, blue, navy and stone.

This hat from Tiger Joe would be perfect for LBR. It is on the same lines as the twill beanie, but I think suitable for bigger boys!

Tiger Joe reversible swim hat, solid surf blue with a friendly bat on one side and a spider's web print on the other.
May be worn in and out of the water. XS-S is suitable for 2-4 years and M-L should fit 4-8 years and Retails at £19.95

Wearing these with zoobug.sun glasses. Your little boy will not only be safe from the sun, but will super stylish, but still look like a little Boy!

Monday, 16 July 2012

School Reports, Waldorf Steiner and Reception.

LBR has just received his first school report, and to be honest it was a bit of gobilly gooch! There were hundreds of ticks on loads of different categories. I wasn't even at school at his age,( we started the term after our 5th Birthday)  and he is being accessed on  Communication, Disposition and Attitude, Reading, Writing, Problem Solving. . .and on it goes.

Before LBR started Reception, he knew about 70% of his letters and to be honest absolutely no Maths. 

Like Steiner, I believe children shouldn't start school or academics until they are 7.

Steiner Waldorf
"Formal learning of the three R's does not feature in the Steiner EC curriculum in the belief that a child will learn these skills more effectively if he/she has had plenty of time and opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and physically first in a creative, secure, enabling and harmonious environment. The foundation skills in literacy and numeracy are laid through an environment rich in hands on activity and play and where language and communication are enabled through a rich oral tradition."

They should concentrate on life skills and socializing. It doesn't matter how intellegent you are, if you don't get on with people, you are not going to get on in life. 

LBR being a little boy. . .or a monster!

So I sit here looking at my (only just) 5 year old's report and wonder if they should be accessed so intricately. Surely at this stage in their lives, they should be playing and learning about the world they live in.  

It is difficult not to get caught up with it all. . ."what do u mean my sons fine motor skills aren't up to par?"  For about 5 seconds I worried and then I thought about his amazing  Lego creations http://reddslego.blogspot.co.uk/ and I realised that is a load of bunkum. He has no interest in writing, so refuses. It's not the lack of his  fine motor skills, but the fact he has his own mind. . .in my book a darn site more important.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ryanair, Mallorca and So called Cheap Flights!

Only 3 more sleeps and we are going on hoilday. We have been counting down from about 40. LBR is VERY excited! We are lucky, we live about 20mins from Bournemouth International Airport or Hurn if you're a local! The flight fly's directly to Palma, so it's quicker to get to Mallorca, than it is to get to my parents near Huntington. We have an evening flight, so in theory the boys may sleep. (yeah right!)

I just wanted to have a moan about Ryan Air(I'm not putting a link to their website!) Not only did I have to pay over £80 to book with my debit card, but they also wanted £88 to check in a suit case.

I have dithered whether to take one on not. We know the village we are staying in. We can buy everything there. But stuff like suntan lotion, shampoos, mosquito repellent, are going to be extortionate. So it might end up being cheaper to pay the £88 and take everything over.

The Ryan air website also won't let me book in on-line, it keeps freezing. . .and to top it off, my printer won't work(LBL has been using it as a step to get on the sofa.) which I need to print the boarding cards off.

But I am not complaining too much, as this time in 4 sleeps, I will be sitting by a pool in the sunshine! Or more likely, running in and out of the villa getting, juice, suntan lotion, food, towels, cameras. . .you get the picture!!