Monday, 16 July 2012

School Reports, Waldorf Steiner and Reception.

LBR has just received his first school report, and to be honest it was a bit of gobilly gooch! There were hundreds of ticks on loads of different categories. I wasn't even at school at his age,( we started the term after our 5th Birthday)  and he is being accessed on  Communication, Disposition and Attitude, Reading, Writing, Problem Solving. . .and on it goes.

Before LBR started Reception, he knew about 70% of his letters and to be honest absolutely no Maths. 

Like Steiner, I believe children shouldn't start school or academics until they are 7.

Steiner Waldorf
"Formal learning of the three R's does not feature in the Steiner EC curriculum in the belief that a child will learn these skills more effectively if he/she has had plenty of time and opportunity to develop socially, emotionally and physically first in a creative, secure, enabling and harmonious environment. The foundation skills in literacy and numeracy are laid through an environment rich in hands on activity and play and where language and communication are enabled through a rich oral tradition."

They should concentrate on life skills and socializing. It doesn't matter how intellegent you are, if you don't get on with people, you are not going to get on in life. 

LBR being a little boy. . .or a monster!

So I sit here looking at my (only just) 5 year old's report and wonder if they should be accessed so intricately. Surely at this stage in their lives, they should be playing and learning about the world they live in.  

It is difficult not to get caught up with it all. . ."what do u mean my sons fine motor skills aren't up to par?"  For about 5 seconds I worried and then I thought about his amazing  Lego creations and I realised that is a load of bunkum. He has no interest in writing, so refuses. It's not the lack of his  fine motor skills, but the fact he has his own mind. . .in my book a darn site more important.


  1. After the hundreds of proud parents on facebook gloating about their school reports this was a refreshing read. Seems like you're quite Montessori in your approach. I feel the same way. I've got a friend who's drilling her 1 year old with flashcards. They have so much to learn about the world already, some things can just wait!

    1. Funny you should say that. I am a director of a free school that was meant to open in Bournemouth that the D of E failed to secure. (see my other post It is a Montessori through school!