Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Its All Change!

It has been a very busy few weeks. LBR has started back at school, the great leap into year 1.
LBR doesn't do change. 
So heading off to school with 2 new teachers (job share) a new entrance and a new part of school(built over the summer holidays) it felt like we were entering into a new world.  The first few days we have had tears. The last few has been really bad behaviour when I pick him up. Its not easy for any of us!

LBL is in and out of "big boy pants" completely dry and clean at home, but as soon as we step out of the house, he forgets he doesn't have a nappy on. To be honest I haven't persevered. He now wants to go to "the loo" so hopefully he has now got over his fear of falling down it! So over the next few days we are going to take the plunge! I will keep you informed!

As you know LBL had his adenoids out in the middle of August. . . the hope was to give the poor little munch a break from the snotty nose, the fever, the headaches. . . .He has lasted 3 weeks and he is full of cold. Really poorly! They were unable to take his tonsils out, because he was too young. I suspect in a years time, he will have to undergo another general anaesthetic to have them removed. I feel so sad for him! i thought i would get a break from snot covered clothes!


  1. Oh no! Poor boy! You will get potty training sorted - the older her gets, and he will want to copy the other children around him. Its amazing how much change our little one shave to adapt to - here's hoping school gets easier, and his nose eases up.X.

    1. Schools fine, its the appalling behavior afterwards! Challenging to say the least!