Monday, 13 August 2012

Dr Who and the sonic screwdriver

I sit hear surrounded by Dr Who's. LBR has invited a friend over for a play date and for the past 3 hours they have been running around the house with sonic screwdrivers killing the baddies, namely Daleks, Cyber men and Weeping angels.

Dr Who Daleks

Last night I found myself running around the garden, calling for "Dr" as I was shooting the Daleks.( I was Amy, who apparently is Dr Who's side kick) LBR was "The Dr" and armed again with the sonic screwdriver, which apparently open doors, it can kill baddies, it can go through wood, (LBR words) it doesn’t get much better than that!

When I was a child (Tom Baker was my Dr Who. . .showing my age!) I never really got into it. I found it too scary and when I was old enough not to be scared, I lost interest. As a side bar, I used to date an old "Dr Who" ( a million years ago) We would constantly be interrupted having a drink or supper because of grown men asking for autographs, or telling him they loved him and on some occasions didn't like him (why bother to go up to someone to tell them that!) I digress. . .

As LBR has been really good over this holiday, we bought him the sonic screwdriver. How could a small bit of plastic with a light at the end of it, enlighten such an imagination. It has been worth the £20 (yes £20 for the cheapest bit of plastic) to see the hours and hours of entertainment it has given.

Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver

LBR is back on a play date with the other Dr  tomorrow.  I feel very sorry for the Dalecs!

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