Thursday, 30 August 2012

Morning Routine

Momma, Momma, MOMMA, milkoo
LBL is awake
Bottle made, kettle on.
LBL quiet for 5 minutes.
Momma Momma its Time.
Pick LBL up, nappy changed.
Teeth cleaned, dressed. (me not him)
Momma, Momma, I'm awake.
I'm hungry, I'm Thirsty.
LBR is awake.
I want my Breakfast, I want a drink,
Don't you mean "please may I ?"
LBL  wont leave me alone.
Momma, Help me.
tired mother
LBR please get dressed.
LBL don't throw that!
LBR have you got dressed yet?
LBL I have told you not to throw that!
Momma I've spilt my drink,
Momma, LBL has thrown his breakfast on the floor.
Momma can I have another drink?
Momma LBL is feeding the dogs.
LBL please don't feed the dogs,
LBR eat your breakfast.
LBL please sit down.
Stop shouting!
Momma where is my sonic screwdriver?
Momma may I have a biscuit?
Momma watch this.
Momma play with me.
Please everyone can I have 5 minutes to drink my cup of tea?


  1. And the next thing you know it's bedtime! Brilliant!

    1. Sorry, i missed your comment! I think you may know what i am talking about!