Sunday, 2 September 2012

Eyeing Excellence Everywhere.

There have been a lot of tears shed by myself and The Husband over the past few days. The children have know idea what is going on.

We are again hooked on the Olympics. All I can say is. . . . WOW.    I am so humbled. Life can be hard enough in the best of times, but these young people have looked life in the eye and wrestled it to the ground, kicked it around a few times and worked so bloody hard to achieve these amazing fetes and be the best they can be.  We are witnessing the best of humanity! We are shedding tears by the bucket load!

When we have managed to tear ourselves away from the Para Olympics, we have wondered down to Bournemouth Beach to watch the Bournemouth Airshow. Another spine tingling experience. We actually stood on the cliff top, which made us eye level with the Red Arrows. So armed with my iphone we took some amazing pictures.

Red Arrows at the Bournemouth Airshow

Last year  pilots Jon Egging  and his colleague  Sean Cunningham lost their lives. (Jon, whilst trying to land his arrow after the display at Bournemouth airshow and Sean, in a training accident)  The Red Arrows displays, paid tribute in flight to their absent comrades and to the heroes of Bomber Command. They flew in a formation of seven and once again included  a Phoenix formation, with Red 10, Squadron Leader Mike Ling, telling the crowd: “We miss them very much. This is our memorial for Egg Man and Sean.”  It really was a fitting tribute!

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  1. That was moving! And a great photograph to boot! Ps. I have been loving the Para Olympics too. XXX