Saturday, 21 July 2012

Campanet, Mallorca

The Finka we are staying in, is in a little village called Campenet at the foot of the Mallorca Hills, to the north of the island, about 10km from Inca. There is a pithier of shops and small cafes around the central square were a beautiful church dominates. The Church  chimes on the hour and the half hour.

Campanet Mallorca

It is very much a traditional Spanish village. The square is “the place” to socialise. Where gossip is exchanged, where the elderly and the young mix and equally feel at home. Last night and tonight a touring theatre is in town. They provide 15minutes sketches using the local shops and pubs as their theatre, which surprisingly proved really popular with the locals

The food served in the café is a mixture of traditional Spainish and American to cater for the tourist, especially cyclist who stop here for a break, before tackling the Huge Hills( a lot of the Olympic team train here)

Its incredibly child friendly. All the children are still out playing in the middle of the square at 10.00pm whilst the parents have a drink and keep an eye on them. Everyone is extremely well behaved.

Alcudia Beach is about a 15minutes drive away. Far enough away for the village to keep it's Mallocan feel, but close enough to enjoy one of the best child friendly beaches in Europe.

The Mallorca hills

If you wanted a holiday that has the feeling of being in the middle of Spain, with all their traditions,  with child friendly facilities a spitting distance away. Then this is the area for you.

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