Friday, 28 September 2012

A good scolding at Starbucks

We have a had a stressful couple of days, not helped with me having the lergy, which is like man flu, but obviously a lot worse. (Thanks Louise for that quote!)

I have walked LBR, Caterpillar and the two dogs to LBR school for the past year and a half. I have tied them up outside the school gate, without any problems (the dogs, not the children!). . . until now! Last week a busy body of a teacher took exception to the dogs and couldn't think of a valid reason why they shouldn't be there, the only thing she could come up with was, she thought it was cruel that they were left tied up  for 20 minutes. Yesterday I had another teacher say, "they were not allowed to be tied to the rail anymore as it was school rules!" I explained, I have 2 children and two dogs, you want us to walk to school as much as possible for my children's health, but are now pretty much making it impossible for me to do that. (an hour walking the boys to school and back, then coming home and walking the dogs for an hour twice a day is just not feasible) So they have just made my life a darn sight harder.

Caterpillar and I have been sorting his toys and took a load to the charity shop this morning. I thought we both deserved a cup a tea and a babychino in Starbucks (our local). A new member of staff was on and unbeknownst to me, made his chino with BOILING hot milk and filled a tiny paper takeaway cup. You guessed it. The chino was put on the table, 2 seconds later it was tipped  all over caterpillars tummy, burning him through two layers of clothing. They put a burn dressing on him and told me to lie him down. He was so stressed from the burn and crying he fell asleep, which left me sitting in Starbucks from 10.30 until 12.45 without a drink, a paper, unable to move, with a beautiful  little poorly head on my lap!

It took me until 12.30 until I managed to get someones attention, to get me a drink and a paper. 10 minutes later Caterpillar woke up, with a very sore tummy. 


  1. Oh my goodness - how totally careless of Starbucks - regardless of whether it was a new staff member or not, did you, or are you getting a formal apology and any form of compensation? After all it caused distress and harm to Caterpillar. And as for the school - that's just silly - what do they expect you to do? They are just nit picking! X.

    1. Starbucks have offered a £10 card!!! An investigation is happening, so i will keep you posted!