Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ryanair, Mallorca and So called Cheap Flights!

Only 3 more sleeps and we are going on hoilday. We have been counting down from about 40. LBR is VERY excited! We are lucky, we live about 20mins from Bournemouth International Airport or Hurn if you're a local! The flight fly's directly to Palma, so it's quicker to get to Mallorca, than it is to get to my parents near Huntington. We have an evening flight, so in theory the boys may sleep. (yeah right!)

I just wanted to have a moan about Ryan Air(I'm not putting a link to their website!) Not only did I have to pay over £80 to book with my debit card, but they also wanted £88 to check in a suit case.

I have dithered whether to take one on not. We know the village we are staying in. We can buy everything there. But stuff like suntan lotion, shampoos, mosquito repellent, are going to be extortionate. So it might end up being cheaper to pay the £88 and take everything over.

The Ryan air website also won't let me book in on-line, it keeps freezing. . .and to top it off, my printer won't work(LBL has been using it as a step to get on the sofa.) which I need to print the boarding cards off.

But I am not complaining too much, as this time in 4 sleeps, I will be sitting by a pool in the sunshine! Or more likely, running in and out of the villa getting, juice, suntan lotion, food, towels, cameras. . .you get the picture!!

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