Monday, 7 February 2011

Yankers union suit

I absolutely love this retro jumpsuit from Yankers.  I love the colour and the simplicity of the design.

 Yankers The Cooper Union Suit for Babies

Yankers also use sustainable natural fabrics and eco friendly dyes. Yankers are super soft, ultra cute one-pieces created with an innovative design that lets moms yank stretchy legs off fast for changing (no snaps, buttons, or Velcro) and then easily slip them right back on while the top stays put. definitely worth a look as they have some lovely colours

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Baby Blues

I was so excited taking my boy home. I had these amazing ideas of dressing him in fun original clothes. I was one of the few people now a day’s that didn’t know the sex of their baby before it was born. So other than a few baby grows in white, I didn’t have a thing.
The first trip was to mother care. All very sweet things, reasonable quality, but unless you wanted to dress your boy in baby blue, or beige you were stumped. I then went to pretty much all the other well known shops that sell baby clothes and came up with the same things. Blue, blue and more blue.

What is it with clothing manufacturers? Why oh why do they assume the mothers of boy babies do not have any imagination. That we all want our “little men” to be clones of each other?
I eventually gave up and went on line. . . it still wasn’t easy. But I found some lovely stuff that was made in Holland and Finland and the uk (you will see from my previous posts how much I think of dijjie Lovely quality and not baby blue!

Another Dijjie delight!

I am so annoyed I only found Dijjie a month ago. Unfortunately I have a nine month old who is off the scale on height and is already in clothes for babies that are 18 months. (So far  Dijjie clothes only go up to 9-12 months.)  I absolutely love their outfits. If only I knew about them 6 months ago. . . .or had a shorter baby!  

dijjie baby wear are made by parents who understand that it is as important having clothes that are practical and comfortable as well as looking  great.  I can't wait to see the new line. I have everything crossed they are making them in larger sizes!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Fabulous original Baby Grow

I absolutely love this baby grow (yes it is an all in one!)

It's from Dijjie

Little Men

I went shopping over the weekend for my 3 year old and my 9 month old boys.  It was pretty depressing. Row after row of pretty, sweet, girly clothes. Sequins and frills. Bright colours. Leggings, tights, skirts, tutus, sparkly things. Girly things. 

The boys rail was less than half the size, full of blue, beige the odd “fun t-shirt” and not much else! Why do we dress our boys as little men and not as little boys?  Why do we put our boys in plaid shirts at 2 years old? A boy goes to a party. We dress him in a shirt and a nice pair of trousers. If it’s a really special doo, he might wear a jacket (of course in navy or the equivalent!)Pretty much what his father would wear.  A girl will wear a pretty pink, girly dress. Or sparkly things.  Clothes that only a child would wear, not her mother.

I want my boys to be boys. I want them to be individuals. I want them to be confident in who they are. Why do we then try and make them look like every other boy and then expect them as men to have imaginations

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The two best words in the world. . . .

It was a long, long road to get my beautiful boys. After years of trying to conceive, we were told we would never be able to conceive naturally.  After a day or two of mourning, I woke up and decided this wasn’t going to beat us and I would do everything in my power to make it happen. I was a women possessed. I had every blood test known to man, including many I was told I didn’t need. If I was I going to go through IVF then I was going to make sure I was well armed!

I researched all the hospitals both here and abroad. I put my husband through hell!  I had no time for socialising, no time for niceties.  Every minute of every hour was spent researching what my blood levels meant. What prenatal vitamins to use, what alternative medicine, would give me the highest chance of getting pregnant.
We, when I say “we” I mean, “ I”  finally chose a hospital in London. One of the top ones. I knew I only had one shot, so I had to throw everything at it. The daily sniffing to down reg my body, was just another day closer to achieving my goal. Every blood test, scan and daily injection was allowing me to get closer to my beautiful baby. I actually saw my boys at 2 cells, 4 cells, and again at 100 cells.
I had two blastocycts put back and waited. I tested 2 weeks later, and just knew it had worked. I was pregnant with one baby. Now I could allow myself to think about what sex I wanted. 
I wanted a girl.
I wanted to dress her in pretty clothes. I wanted her to have a bob. I wanted to watch “high school musical” and to be able to chat about her first crush. I wanted to speak to her on the phone daily when she is older wanted to go shopping. .  I wanted a girl. 
My labour was terrible. A car crash. I finally gave birth after, lots of intervention and lots of doctors being involved. I heard the baby cry. I asked what it was.  It was a boy. I was too much in shock to care I didn’t have my girl. I needed my body to be repaired by the doctors, have a bath and then hold my son.
“My son” my goodness they must be the best 2 words in the English dictionary. Although I laboured throughout the night, the following night I just sat at the side of my bed and fell in love. I truly was the luckiest person in the world. R was perfect. I was so proud of him being him.  There was not a moment when I wished I had had a girl. He was perfect just as he was.
After another 3 attempts at ivf over the next 3 years. I was lucky to get pregnant again.(we went to the ARGC) Again I wanted a girl, but I must say, not as much as I did before my R.  This one was a whopper. Off the scale in all the prenatal scans and also breach.  We again didn’t know what sex we were having. I was scheduled for a c –section. But my lovely little man had other ideas. I went into labour 2 weeks early and my 9 1/2  lb boy came into the world. 

I looked down at his beautiful little face and full head of hair and like R, knew I would, love and worry about him for the rest of my life.