Monday, 27 August 2012

Lighter Shades of Grey

The time is 5.30am and I sit here at my parents house, with LBR sitting on the sofa watching Ben 10. The boys didn't go down until 10.00 pm last night, so I am in for a very tired little boy today. (and a very tired Momma, who is already feeling a little Grey) He is awake because of the excitement of being here and the promise of taking apart a light that has broken. LBR and Grandad are going to try and fix it, which will involve deconstructing and then reconstructing. In LBR world, it doesn't get much better than that! Wires, screws, bolts, metal, the perfect combination.

Genetics is a funny old thing. "The Husband" used to do the same with his Grandfather. We have various bits around the house that they built together. LBR and Daddy will often have a discussion about how electric currents work on a circuit board and how sound and light travels. LBR is really interested in the mechanics of things. What is a tornado? How does it form? (cold air from Canada and warm air from Sth America, in case your interested. . .a fact I have just learnt!) How do the clouds form? What does a Tornado siren look like? How does it sound? What are the electrics in a siren?  All these questions I have absolutely no idea about and to be honest in all my years I have never given a moments thought. (believe me there are a lot of years!) So "You tube" and google have become my new best friends. . . There are also a lot of "ask your Father" in answer!

So for the 10th time this morning, LBR has asked "when will Grandad wake up?" the time is still only 6.40am. . .its going to be a long morning! 

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