Friday, 17 August 2012

NHS, Adenoids and Fire Fighting!

Its been all quiet on here this week because LBL has been in hospital to have his adenoids out. Monday night, the night before the operation, I didn't sleep a wink. I know its a minor op, but I just stood looking at his little cherub face and was terrified.

Tuesday morning was a little stressful as LBL  didn't understand why he couldn't have his milk and why we were waking him up at 5.50am. The whole procedure went like clockwork. I wheeled him into theatre, with his lip quivering, but he wasn't crying. He just held my hand really, really tight(by this time my lip was quivering and I just wanted to pick him up and run away with him!) they put the gas mask on his face and 20 seconds later, he was asleep.

 It goes against all of your instincts as a parent, to leave your frightened child with a whole load of strangers who are going to hurt him. But he had had, 5 courses of antibiotics in the past 6 months so it had to be done.

3 hours after LBL operation 
After the op I went down to pick him up from theatre, as we went down I could hear crying, a lovely nurse was lying in his bed, with LBL in her arms just cuddling him. He was distraught for about another hour and a half and then he slept for two hours. He opened his eyes and you wouldn't know he had anything done. Children are amazing!

He is home safe and sound now. A little more tired than usual. Mummy on the other hand has found the whole experience really stressful!

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