Sunday, 7 October 2012

Past, Present and putting Ghosts to Rest!

I have just come back home after a fabulous weekend. It is only the second time I have left the boys for the night and as I left yesterday morning with both boys holding each of my legs sobbing that they didn't want me to leave, I left with trepidation.

I was meeting my old school friends from the old boarding school I used to attend. It had been 28 years since I left and so consequently 28 years since I had seen the majority of them.

I arrived at St Georges with half an hour to spare and just sat looking at the boarding house reminiscing about how unhappy I was there. I hated being away from my parents. 12 years old is rather young to be sent away from school. (unfortunately it was necessary as I father moved 5 times in 3 years) When under stress, I still dream I am there and am trying to convince my parents I shouldn't be!

I digress. It was a fabulous trip down memory lane.
We ate supper and knew we were not allowed to get up from the table until 7.00pm, when we ran like Billy Bob to be the first in the TV room, to watch Top of the Pops.
The Ghost stories,
The midnight feasts.
The crushes we all had.

The smell was exactly the same, as was the peeling paint, the clock and prep rooms.

The boarders sitting on the teachers head table in the Dinning Room.

After our tour around the school, we went back to hotels to change for a night of drinking, a lot of laughing and a lot of catching up to do. 28 years of catching up in about 4 hours!


  1. That was very brave going back to your reunion after 28 years! Sounds like you had a lovely time. I'm not sure I could brave a school reunion. Your old school looks lovely (meaning the architecture) - boarding school must have had its difficult moments! Did you play lacrosse or hockey there? X.

    1. Lacrosse. Great game! I think things have vastly improved since my day. . . .i hope they have!