Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympics, Lego & Dirty Laundry.

So we have all arrived home safe and sound and are glad to be home. LBR was hoping for rain, as he wanted to feel cold. (that has changed today as hes been freezing all day) The Lego is out, the dirty laundry is in the basket and the trampoline has been used all day. The house is full of noise and mess, but it doesn't matter how great a holiday you have had, you can't replace your first cup of tea and sleeping in your own bed.

We have had the Olympics on all day. My goodness, the Brits are the first to put ourselves down, but haven't we got a lot to shout about? Not just about how many medals we have won, but how great the organisation has been as well as how sporting and amazing the crowd has been. I feel very proud to be British!
Proud to be British

The girls are all safe in their respective homes after quite an interesting journey home. If you are a regular reader, you will know we gave the girls money for them to budget for the whole holiday. The whole time we were away, I reminded them they would need money for the return journey. Of course being 14 and 18 they knew better. Why would they need a drink or food for the 5 hour journey?  They would much rather go out the night before we left. We did feed them breakfast and lunch on the day we left.  They started "begging" about an hour after we arrived at the airport. We relented and brought them a drink, but were determined not to give in on the food front. We wanted them to learn a valuable lesson. We in the end had to really tell them off on the plane. They  continued to make such a fuss about how we were starving them and could they have any one of the boys provisions.(asking every 2 minutes)  By the time we arrived home they were nearly fainting with hunger! Poor loves!

So we all had cereal for supper this evening, (as that is what the boys wanted) and we now have returned to normality. Its great to be home.


  1. Sounds like you had a fab time away, but its always nice to come home! LIke how you held the boundary to your girls at the airport - indeed, a very important lesson!

    1. Thanks for the comment. (sorry i didn't reply before, but it slipped the net and didn't know you had left one!