Thursday, 19 July 2012

Olympic Torch & Nathan Blackie

The Husband is friends with the local pub owner "The Porterhouse" Jonathan is a very proud man. His son Nathan Blackie, 14, (who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at nine months old,) was nominated by his coach at the AFC Bournemouth Ability Counts football team to run with the olympic torch. A whole team from our local area went to Dorchester to cheer him on. This is what the local newspaper Daily Echo  had to say about his run.

"Torchbearer Nathan Blackie, 14, from Bournemouth, cast aside his crutches to walk 300 metres past the cheering children.
The brave youngster suffers from cerebral palsy and was determined to carry the flame unaided.
He said: “The cerebral palsy tightens the muscles in my legs.
“I had an operation and I’ve spent time a long time trying to get around.
“I was very nervous and so glad I managed to get around.”
Modern penthathlete Jamie Cooke carried the torch up to the house.
He said: “I was nominated to carry the torch by the British Olympic Association and it has just been so overwhelming. It is great to see all of the community together.”" The whole community is so proud of him.

Redds school is also very excited, as Jonathan (Nathans father) has agreed to take the torch into his school. So they will all get a chance to have a look at the torch close up!