Friday, 29 June 2012

Giving Birth. Is it that bad?

I was asked by a friend on Face book, to leave a comment on her wall about giving birth as she had a friend who was pregnant and was terrified.  I dithered about writing something as LBR birth was best described as a "car crash"  

We decided not to have any pain relief as Step D was very ill with Leukaemia and the research had shown they thought it was prenatal. (I will write another post with more details about that) So any form of drugs in my body was not an option

Look at the size of that head!

Needless to say I had a terrible time of it.  35 hours of labour, a big baby, a lot of sick, 4 hours pushing (without any natural instinct to push. . .way too tired by then) a lot of cutting, a lot of stitches. Infection. . . .And on it goes. 

How do you make that into a positive experience? I look back in absolute horror and to be honest not in any way joyous even when they first handed me my baby.

This is what my reply was:

 My Birth was terrible with Redd. But if you asked me would I go through it again to have another baby? I wouldn't hesitate to say yes. Some people have an easier time than others. But when you are bathed, have had your Tea and toast (the best ever!) and you look at the little person your holding in your arms. You actually can't put into words the love you feel. It really does cancel out all you have been through.

Step D taking LBR on his first walk

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dungarees for Babies

I love dungarees. I love them because, other than work men and the bizarre 80s fashion. Dungarees belong on children. They are little peoples clothes. Both my boys wore them up to the age of 2, but after that I found it impossible to get them  long enough  for them as they are both tall. Which I think is an absolute shame.

I have come across these lovely Dungarees In Cashmere/Merino  from  babatude childrenswear

Lilac Dungarees

The sweetest little deliciously soft knit turquoise dungaree baby grow made from 80% merino wool and 20% cashmere.  Retail at £30
Available in 3-6 months (will fit chest 46cm, height 68cm) 6-12 months (will fit chest 48cm, height 76 cm). Machine washable

Your dungarees will be beautifully presented in a gift box, with lashings of wrapping, ribbon, gift card and a burst of elephant confetti for an extra fun surprise! A Touch of luxury.

Turquoise Dungarees

These are absolutely lovely, from nicki b. (and a little more practical) The dungarees are made out of 100% natural fabrics, mainly cottons. Practical as well as attractive, they are machine washable. The dungarees are designed to grow with your child incorporating features such as the adjustable shoulder straps, and roll up legs on the dungarees, which enable them to last much longer than other children's clothes.

''Teddy McKenzie' Red Cord Dungarees with Tartan

The dungarees are designed to be versatile and can be worn all year round, in winter with tights and roll-neck tops and in summer with just a T shirt or nothing underneath. produced mainly out of cotton corduroys they are a classic design that won't date and can be handed on for a few generations.

''Teddy McKenzie' Red Cord Dungarees Back View

All of  their clothing is made in their studio in Cumbria and visitors are welcome to come and see the production. In my mind, makes them all the more attractive!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Leukemia and a New Forest Wedding.

Writing LBR post yesterday, reminded me of all the poignant times the New forest has had for us over the past few years.

My Husband asked me to marry him, whilst I was in recovery after losing our first baby at 12 week in -vitro. I was devastated. We decided to "do it properly" and get married and then try for another baby. We decided to have a church wedding with all the works. Friends and family coming from all corners of the globe. 

We should have had an incling things wouldn't go to plan. When we first went to see the vicar, in mid conversation there was a huge crash. We ran outside to find a man had crashed into a wall outside. When Andrew put the ring on my finger, (on his bended knee)  in Hatton Garden, all hell broke loose (at that exact moment) it was 7- 7. London was being bombed! Me thinks it was an omen!

Three weeks before our summer wedding my (then) 7 year old soon to be stepdaughter was trying on her bridesmaid dress and we noticed severe bruising. She also felt under the weather. We took her to the doctor and she was rushed into hospital. She was diagnosed with Leukemia. I still cry thinking about when the doctor said those words. . . .our world fell apart. Step daughter was taken to The Royal Marsden in Sutton by ambulance. We followed by car. Obviously our wedding was cancelled.

Within the next few weeks Step Daughter became gravely ill as the chemotherapy wrecked her little body. She lost all her hair. So I had all my hair cut off  in sympathy. A very small gesture.
Walking in the New Forest

On what would have been our wedding day. My future husband, packed a surprise picnic, including champagne and we went to the Forest. At the exact time we should have been putting rings on our fingers in church, we did exactly that, sitting on a rug, surrounded by nature and a very friendly New Forest pony.

New Forest Pony

Step D, had a fight on her hands and boy did she fight. About a year and a half into her treatment. We again went to the forest. She was in a large pushchair as her muscles were very sore and had shortened as her bones grew and her muscles hadn't. She decided that day she would walk. Again surrounded by incredible beauty, she walked pushing her chair for over a mile, feeding the ponies as we went along(getting her to walk that distance now, is nearly impossible!)
Step D is well now. She is in remission and will have met the magical 5 years clear in November. She is a typical teenager in every way! We wouldn't have it any other way!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The New Forest National Park

We have spent the weekend in the New Forest. The New Forest National Park is  located about 20 miles from Bournemouth.  We set off in our wellies, our waterproofs and jumpers, to enjoy our classic summer weather.  It was cold and wet! 

Walking in The New Forest

The New Forest is absolutely beautiful. It has pigs, ponies and cows roaming around freely. Today we found a grass snake, which I dithered about picking up,( as I wasn't a hundred percent sure it wasn't an adder) It was amazing. LBR (who is scared of spiders, ants. . pretty much everything) held it, and really studied it. Surprisingly  they really are quite beautiful.

A New Forest Local

We found a "horsey tree" where the boys sit on the branch and bounce up and down, A poorly mole, which ended up having a full burial (in a hole dug by the dog) and we all said a pray.  

A dragon Fly
Fox Gloves

We stood on a bridge and threw stones in the water, we built a dam. Finlay dug up a shoe, a ball and a sock from the bottom of the river. (I was a bit worried there could of been something attached to the shoe!) There were, foxgloves, furns and oaks.
It really is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. No wonder it has just received the "National Park" Status.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

"Color in Kids" and Buckets of Water!

 We have found a new way of entertaining the boys. Getting a couple of old buckets,  filling them with bubbles and warm water and a couple of bath toys and hey presto, hours and hours of fun.

A lot of back breaking work for Moma, carrying out hundreds of buckets of hot water.  A lot of mess, where wet dirty feet walk in and out of the kitchen. But worth it!

I have just come across this fabulous company color in kidsColor in Kids tees and sweats are designed for kids to color over and over again. Each shirt comes packaged with 5 washable markers and instructions for use. The color washes out of the shirt completely each time it is washed and is safe for regular laundry. Color In Kids markers are 100% certified non-toxic and can be recharged by dipping the tip in water. 

color in kids T shirts
Sizes range from 2 - 20 months and cost $15

I especially love the design below, I can imagine LBR really enjoying creating his masterpiece and then showing it off.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bovington Tank Museum

We have just spent an afternoon at Bovington Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset. I went reluctantly in February for the first time. I have absolutely no interest in military (I come from a military background and have seen my fare share of beat and retreats and tanks) So when I arrived I thought I would be bored out of my mind.  How wrong can you be? It is a great day out for all the family. It costs £12 and £7.50 for 5-16 yr olds'

LBR resting on a bunk at the Tank Museum

Example of quarters at the Tank Museum

The boy's just ran around looking at the tanks and the size of them, the power etc. I just spent my time reading about how and why  they were made. The videos documentaries are excellent, really informative and child and mummy friendly.

LBR in his element at the Tank Museum

The stories of heroism and bravery brought a tear to my eye!

Some of the exhibits at the Tank Museum

You can find the Bovington Tank Museum at:

The Tank Museum 
BH20 6JG 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sickness and Danefae

We've had a stressful few days, resulting LBR being sick in both our bed and his own. I slept terribly as I had half an ear open ready to pounce with the sick bowl! So LBR is off school for 2 days. (school policy on sickness) Children are amazing, he is absolutely fine in himself now, well enough to go down to the beach and torment his baby brother!

I suspect the reason you are reading this blog is because it is "slim pickings" out there, trying to find exciting, good quality colourful boy's clothes. I have found another lovely designer out there that might excite you as much as me.

danefae. A Danish company. Why do the scandinavians think there children look great in colour, but the majority of the shops in the uk don't?

They have loads of fabulous clothes, I thought I would show you something from the baby range.

The velour is renowned for its softness that doesn’t disappear even after many many washes. Adjustable elastic waistband and elastic at the ankles, which give these pants a great looking and comfortable fit. Lovely rainbow stripes. Retail at 40euro

Cute baby body made in Danefæ’s renowned super soft material. The garments made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra are dyed through and not just printed on so the colors keep wash after wash. Buttons on the shoulder make our bodysuits easy to put on.
A striped bodysuit in indigo and white colors with "Viking" print. Retails at  26.77 euros. Only comes in 3months OR 2 years. So if your inbetween, you have to wait!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Frugi and Keeping Going!

I've been under the weather for a few days, although you wouldn't have known it. I still took the boys to school, swimming, dancing and play dates, picked up from school, the feed, the bathed, the washed. . .I think you get the picture.  I don't think the weather has helped either. we've had too "do things"  instead of just hanging out in the Sunshine.  Please, please let the sun shine soon! Just so I can I have a rest!

I have shown you a few things from frugi. But I would like to show you a few more things from them.
 The sweatshirt can be worn winter or summer and retails at £22. The Cropped Pull-Ups, are a great length for warmer weather, they have a comfy elasticated waist, and the organic cotton will be gorgeously gentle against those busy legs!  

The cropped pull-ups come in green, red and blue and retail at £22

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Euro 2012 and Flatcoated Retrievers

I used to love watching the Euro games, World cup any football tournament. The hype the wags, the ridiculousness of it all. One of my claim to fame's is, in my 20's I was in a sports pub in the city, wearing a union jack, very small top. A TV camera turned up just as England scored (a very rare occurrence) and filmed me and a friend jumping up, arms in the air. Lots of boobs bouncing and tummy showing, perfect for the 10 o'clock news! So we made "and finally " with Sir Trevor and again in the yearly round up on New Years Eve. . .those were the days of the flat tum and sky facing boobs! Now to be quite honest I can't be bothered. I just haven't got into it. The football is soooo boring, I just don't care who wins. I suspect a lot of it is to do with watching it, whilst changing nappies, feeding the tribe, clearing up,putting to bed. I wouldn't change any of it! How priorities change!

Also in our family, we have 7 fish and 2 flat coated retrievers. I had the dogs before the children. I knew they  were known to be  very good with children and with other dogs. Mine are no exception. They respond so

well with the children. They walk to heal, do silly tricks. They just really enjoy each other. If you are looking

for a family dog, you can't go wrong with a .flatcoated retriever. They are the best guard dogs out of the retriever family.   The only drawback is the mess. The big paws and the malting. But to be honest the enjoyment we all get out them them makes up for it.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baby shoes and £50 better off!

Husband in a much better mood today, we are around £56 better off, due to not smoking for a week. It soon adds up!. We actually had a conversation today, that didn't result in me wanting to throttle him. . . .progress!

LBR is back at school. I love having him at home, the noise, the hustle and bustle, although it is quite nice having a little quiet, there is nothing like the sound of children.

trumpette below have made some beautiful shoes for your very little ones. I love them all:

  • These trumpette tennies cost $29.50 

  • These Suede Tracks cost $31.50 
  • Finally these Glow shoes cost $42.50
Isn't it nice to see trendy practical shoes.  (no laces)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Stopping Smoking, near Divorce and Bright Happy Trousers!

This weekend. . . .all I can say is I'm thinking of divorce! The husband is still not smoking, yeah for him. . . but for the rest of us is sheer torture. I dare not talk to him in-case he either. jumps down my throat, tells me off, shouts(which is very unlike him) or all of the above. . .divorce all of a sudden looks an attractive proposition! I keep counting to ten, and thinking I am proud of him, I am proud of him" hoping that will get rid of the the urge I have to hit him over the head with something hard!! As I said before well done Husband, please never smoke again so we don't have to repeat this!!

To cheer myself up I thought I would show you a few bit's from Landsend. They come in 4 different colours, but in my opinion this is the nicest colour. They come in sizes 4,  4-5, 5-6,  6-7

And retail for £20. The shorts are:
  • Longer leg goes below the knee
  • Gusseted cargo pockets & side pockets
  • Washed for a lived-in look and feel from day one
  • Durable construction for hand-me-down value
  • Inside-adjustable waist to customise the fit
  • Zip and button fasten fly

I absolutely love these "beach red" trouser also fromLandsend The sizes are 4, 5, 6 ,7 and they retail at £20

    For all action boys
  • Durable, 7 oz. 100% cotton twill
  • Washed down for softness and a battle-hardened look
  • Bartacked stress points and double-stitched seams for durability
  • Hidden-adjustable waist for a great fit
  • Two front pockets plus two flapped back pockets at the back

All sizes come with inside-adjustable waist. 100% cotton. Machine wash.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Interior design, Strawberries and Stopping Smoking.

The past few day's have been very long. . . . Husband has stopped smoking and ratty isn't the word! It hasn't helped with us being trapped indoors for a lot of it. I HATE smoking, the smell, the cost the utter ridiculousness of it. Why would anybody deliberately poison their body and it cost a fortune for the privilege? My husband was a secret smoker when I first met him. It took six months before I found out. When I questioned why he smelt, he would say it was the pub or  friend had smoked. By the time i caught him (secret fag in the garden, when he thought i was out) I was in love and so I very reluctantly excepted it. (he never smoked in front of  me or the children)
So we are day 3. . . .lets hope the worst is over and it's all worth it!

We went strawberry picking for the first time this season today. LBR and I went by ourselves, as he wanted "Mummy and LBR time"  I love fruit picking, the sheer Englishness of it. Usually 90% of the time, it's cold, looks like it's going to rain, windy but I still love it. We usually eat as much as we pick and chat as much as we eat. It has become a family ritual. The pick of berries, heralds the onset of summer. . . .we live in hope!

Whilst decorating my sons room, i made a wish list of some of the things  would like in his room. One of them was this fantastic rug from the rug seller. Because we changed themes, we didn't buy the rug, but i have kept it in my favourites as i think it's gorgeous.

Colorama World Map Rugs are both functional and Educational. Children are encouraged to learn and play on the colourful designs. The 100% Polypropylene Pile is easily maintained and offers highly detailed designs and bright colourings. The Colorama collection is popular in Schools and Children's Nurseries but is also used in children's bedrooms, play areas and gardens. The anti slip backing helps to reduce movement on smooth floor surfaces. It's size is 200x300cm (10’0"x6’8")  and costs £96.95

I also fancied this wall mural by wallpapered It is £32 per square meter. A little pricey, but I think it would be great in a child's room.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wet Weather clothes for boys & Wellies and Worms

I decided to finally get rid of a few baby things as it's highly unlikely we will be having anymore children. I gave a lot to charity, but decided to be a bit thrifty and so like millions of other people I advertised the items on ebay.  Trying not to spend money, I didn't put a minimum price on the items thinking they would sell! How dim can a person be? Yes,  the car seat,  the car seat bracket (worth new about £130) went for the grand total of 99p and the baby walker went for £2.20 (there was obviously a bidding war going on!) The lady turned up in her Mercedes and gave me the money in a money bag. I didn't check it, as after all,  I could barely pay for a coffee from Starbucks with it!  She only gave me £3 instead of £3.19 ! I was diddled 19p! Oh how I wish I had given them to charity!

Below are the boys braving a lovely sunny day out!! The cup was caught with a long stick from the river!
LBL in his Wet Weather Clothes

LBR in his wet weather all in one

Keeping in theme, I thought I would show you some fantastic wellies and matching jackets  from wellies and worms

This lovely kidoarble rain coat is available in a range of fun and fresh designs with matching wellies, umbrellas and bags available to complete the look!
Kidorable raincoats are manufactured from glossy, wipe clean pvc with a comfortable polyester lining. Elasticated hood and easy to close poppers.
A matching kidorable hanger is included with the coat. available in 4 sizes to fit approx 1 yr - 6yrs:
Retails for £19.95

wellies and worms

These lovely Kidorable wellington boots are perfect for any children who love splashing around in puddles having fun. Their fun and fresh design make them the perfect gift for little feet. Matching raincoats, umbrellas and bags are available to complete the looks. all kidoarble wellies are made from natural rubber. available in children's sizes 5-12. Retails £13.47

raincoat from wellies and worms
Eye catching and fun, this delightful Kidorable bee raincoat is sure to be adored by your child. A PVC outer shell means it's easy to wipe clean and it's comfortable too, thanks to the polyester lining. Kidorable Raincoats are available in 5 sizes suitable for ages 1 to 5 years, and come supplied with a matching Kidorable hanger. Retails £19.95

Rain boots from wellies and worms

Kidorable Rain Boots - For indoor play or outdoor fun, they are sure to make a splash!. They are more than a boot. They are a wonderful gift. Made of natural rubber, they are guaranteed to be the cutest boots in you neighbourhood. Kidorable Rain Boots are available in 8 Different Sizes (from Size 5 to through Size 12). Retails £13.47

The wellies and is definitely worth a look. What is also lovely about the site, is they give you outfits. Matching boots, umbrellas and jackets in a lot of their ranges.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wet and Blue (beautiful boys clothes)

What a cold wet day. I have spent the whole day wet, either because of a 2 hour dog walk, followed by a bath, then 2 hours in the pool. followed by a bath.

Whilst swimming, LBR and LBL met 2 older women (11 year old) and we witnessed a lot of showing off, followed by a lot of flirting. Husband and I have never seen either of the boys behave in that way. I didn't realise it happened when they were so young. When asked what you liked best about the girls, LBR reply was "everything". . .Like Father, Like Son!

So as promised I am going to show you a few  items in blue to round off the jubilee weekend. (hasn't it gone quickly?)

This is from American Outfitters and is retailing at £58. I think it's quite cool. I particularly like the neck and the badges jazz up what would be quite a boring navy blue fleece.  Just goes to show, what a pop of colour can do.

 In keeping with the jubilee theme, how simple but stylish is this t-shirt and long sleeve T from Red urchin. I love this colour blue. Blue can be so many shades, I just wished designers didn't assume we all want our boys in Navy and followed Red Urchins' lead. The short sleeve T costs £16.95 and the long sleeve costs £17.95.

Union jack T-shirts from red urchin

I have come across these beautiful booties for 0-6 and 6-12 months and retail at £25 from Inch Blue
Baby  Sheepskin booties from  inch-blue
Cwtches are our luxury sheepskin booties. Cwtch is the Welsh word for "love" in the form of a hug or cuddle! Doesn't every babies foot deserve a cwtch . . . I think so! Both my boys wore similar booties, for their first year.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Party

It was jubilee street party day yesterday. The road was closed and festivities began. There were lots of candelabras, tiaras and beautiful English cakes, pimms and champagne. So very very English