Friday, 24 August 2012

The National Anthem Lullaby

As we walked home yesterday from the beach, LBL started singing, nothing unusual as he sings all the time. But it was his choice of song that was interesting.  The National Anthem. He knows all the words from start to finish. He heard it so many times over the Olympics that it has become a household favourite. Last night whilst singing his lullaby's at bed time, he asked me to sing "Queen" So I duly obliged and sang God Save The Queen to my 2 year Old whilst rocking him in my arms gently to sleep!

Photo: British national flag
British National Anthem

 I'm not a monarchist!



  1. That made me laugh - the idea of sining the national anthem as a good night lullaby! Its so funny the requests we get as parents! :o).

    1. It really is one of his favorite songs. Goodness knows what he is going to be like after the para olympics! I suspect their is a linky in "requests we get as parents!"
      Hope your having a gr8 trip and break. Looking forward to your linky on your return

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