Friday, 10 August 2012

Childhood. Time with Daddy

This is my first blog hop. I thought I would find a  worthy cause for my first attempt. I was asked to post a picture about childhood.

My boys are very lucky, they have a father, who not only loves them, but enjoys them. A father that  wants to do things with them, take them places, teach them, learn with them. I suspect like me, they will remember all the fun times they had with their Dad, they will be the treasured memories of their childhood.

This is part of a blog-hop organised by Patch of Puddles to highlight the plight of West African children who have been deprived by drought and poverty of such a childhood. The charity Worldvision has until 30th August to raise funds that will be matched £1 for £1 by the British government. Donations will provide food, sanitation, health services and long-term development programmes for destitute families. I tag cold tea and smelly nappies. and Helpful Mum to choose a photo(s) that they think sums up childhood to help spread the word. 


  1. Lovely, lovely picture! Time with dad is priceless!

  2. Hi Angela, thank you for following and participating in Merry's lost childhood blog hop! We've added your lovely photo and thoughts to our lost childhood photo wall - - we can't wait to read Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies and Helpful Mum's entries!