Monday, 6 August 2012

Boys School Shoes. Part 1

So if your organised, you will be starting to think about school shoes.  I have found a few pairs of school shoes at the cheaper end of the market.  I have had a look at Clarks(of course) and the only pair I like are the Raptomania junior, which starts at size 13. (LBR is a 11.5 H fit!) and costs £34. (so not as cheap as I hoped!)

Clarks School shoes:  Raptomania

They come in sizes 13-2.5 and fittings e-h.

If your budget is a little pushed this year, but your little one is still after "cool shoes" (LBR words) then what about these spiderman webby from Wynsors.

Spiderman Webby from Wynsors

They are retailing at £15.00 having been reduced from £20

Another reasonable priced school shoe are these Leather velcro shoe in Black from Shoe zone. They come in sizes 10 - 6. (no width fitting) and cost £12.99

shoezone Boys School Shoes

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