Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mr Independence

LBL went to bed a beautiful 2 year old and has woken up as a completely independent little man. . . .it is driving me mad.

Caterpillar, time to get dressed.

My turn. . . . .half an hour later (and a tantrum if I try and help) he still hasn't got his socks on.

Good Boy Caterpillar, for doing a wee in your potty.

My Turn as he picks the potty up spilling it everywhere.

Caterpillar, please get in your push chair


No, with have to pick your brother up.

WALK! A wrestle ensues with lots of tears and tantrums.

MY TURN! to do the safety belt up

My Turn, to undo the safety belt

My Turn, to push the push chair.

My Turn, to clean his teeth.

Caterpillar, I need to wipe your nose/ bottom

My Turn, well you can imagine the mess.

Caterpillar, I need my phone

My Turn.

No, it's Mummy's turn. I put it in my back pocket and whilst bending over, he pick pockets me and chucks it on the hard floor. . . .my 3rd I phone in as many months!

. . .and it continues.

Eating, making up his milk, bathing,. . . . it’s a battle field!


  1. Oh boy! I'm in the midst of this, with Little A at the moment, except she she's 'I won't to do it on my woone (own)' again, again and again. And it always comes to a head when we have to go out somewhere - its very tiring. She's spilt wee everywhere too! Sheesh! X.

    1. We now have a huge fuss cleaning teeth and getting dressed. Not great in the mornings! (i am NOT a morning person!)