About Me

I am a Mother.
I am a Wife.
I am Angela or Angie
I am Happy
I am Tired
I am Funny (laugh at me, rather than with me)
I am clumsy
I am a good organiser
I am a good friend
I am loyal
I am honest

I have run the New York Marathon
I have climbed Ayers Rock (that's how old I am!)
I have sailed in Brunei and the Caribbean
I have seen the Great Wall of China
I have swam on the Great Barrier Reef
I have seen the areola borealis
I have experienced White Nights in Iceland
I have climbed a Volcano in Hawaii
I have experienced childbirth
I have sung with Chacha Khan (on a very drunk night in Soho. . .she was singing i was shouting)
I have been on a steam boat up the Mississippi
I have kissed a Rock Star 
I have laughed
I have cried
I have LIVED

I would like to swim with dolphins
I would like to see more of the world
I would like to see Africa
I would like to watch my Boys grow into Gentlemen
I would like to see my grandchildren
I would like to watch more Opera
I would like to start another Business
I would like to make a difference


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