Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wet and Blue (beautiful boys clothes)

What a cold wet day. I have spent the whole day wet, either because of a 2 hour dog walk, followed by a bath, then 2 hours in the pool. followed by a bath.

Whilst swimming, LBR and LBL met 2 older women (11 year old) and we witnessed a lot of showing off, followed by a lot of flirting. Husband and I have never seen either of the boys behave in that way. I didn't realise it happened when they were so young. When asked what you liked best about the girls, LBR reply was "everything". . .Like Father, Like Son!

So as promised I am going to show you a few  items in blue to round off the jubilee weekend. (hasn't it gone quickly?)

This is from American Outfitters and is retailing at £58. I think it's quite cool. I particularly like the neck and the badges jazz up what would be quite a boring navy blue fleece.  Just goes to show, what a pop of colour can do.

 In keeping with the jubilee theme, how simple but stylish is this t-shirt and long sleeve T from Red urchin. I love this colour blue. Blue can be so many shades, I just wished designers didn't assume we all want our boys in Navy and followed Red Urchins' lead. The short sleeve T costs £16.95 and the long sleeve costs £17.95.

Union jack T-shirts from red urchin

I have come across these beautiful booties for 0-6 and 6-12 months and retail at £25 from Inch Blue
Baby  Sheepskin booties from  inch-blue
Cwtches are our luxury sheepskin booties. Cwtch is the Welsh word for "love" in the form of a hug or cuddle! Doesn't every babies foot deserve a cwtch . . . I think so! Both my boys wore similar booties, for their first year.

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