Saturday, 9 June 2012

Interior design, Strawberries and Stopping Smoking.

The past few day's have been very long. . . . Husband has stopped smoking and ratty isn't the word! It hasn't helped with us being trapped indoors for a lot of it. I HATE smoking, the smell, the cost the utter ridiculousness of it. Why would anybody deliberately poison their body and it cost a fortune for the privilege? My husband was a secret smoker when I first met him. It took six months before I found out. When I questioned why he smelt, he would say it was the pub or  friend had smoked. By the time i caught him (secret fag in the garden, when he thought i was out) I was in love and so I very reluctantly excepted it. (he never smoked in front of  me or the children)
So we are day 3. . . .lets hope the worst is over and it's all worth it!

We went strawberry picking for the first time this season today. LBR and I went by ourselves, as he wanted "Mummy and LBR time"  I love fruit picking, the sheer Englishness of it. Usually 90% of the time, it's cold, looks like it's going to rain, windy but I still love it. We usually eat as much as we pick and chat as much as we eat. It has become a family ritual. The pick of berries, heralds the onset of summer. . . .we live in hope!

Whilst decorating my sons room, i made a wish list of some of the things  would like in his room. One of them was this fantastic rug from the rug seller. Because we changed themes, we didn't buy the rug, but i have kept it in my favourites as i think it's gorgeous.

Colorama World Map Rugs are both functional and Educational. Children are encouraged to learn and play on the colourful designs. The 100% Polypropylene Pile is easily maintained and offers highly detailed designs and bright colourings. The Colorama collection is popular in Schools and Children's Nurseries but is also used in children's bedrooms, play areas and gardens. The anti slip backing helps to reduce movement on smooth floor surfaces. It's size is 200x300cm (10’0"x6’8")  and costs £96.95

I also fancied this wall mural by wallpapered It is £32 per square meter. A little pricey, but I think it would be great in a child's room.

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  1. Good luck to your hubby! This is a lovely blog. Aimee x