Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Baby shoes and £50 better off!

Husband in a much better mood today, we are around £56 better off, due to not smoking for a week. It soon adds up!. We actually had a conversation today, that didn't result in me wanting to throttle him. . . .progress!

LBR is back at school. I love having him at home, the noise, the hustle and bustle, although it is quite nice having a little quiet, there is nothing like the sound of children.

trumpette below have made some beautiful shoes for your very little ones. I love them all:

  • These trumpette tennies cost $29.50 

  • These Suede Tracks cost $31.50 
  • Finally these Glow shoes cost $42.50
Isn't it nice to see trendy practical shoes.  (no laces)


  1. Well done on not smoking! Are you saving the funds for something in particular? X

  2. Life. . .It is just such a waist of money. About £200 a month. It's great hugging the husband and him not smelling of smoke!

  3. I love the first pair of shoes, there very cool. Well done on the smoking front x