Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wet Weather clothes for boys & Wellies and Worms

I decided to finally get rid of a few baby things as it's highly unlikely we will be having anymore children. I gave a lot to charity, but decided to be a bit thrifty and so like millions of other people I advertised the items on ebay.  Trying not to spend money, I didn't put a minimum price on the items thinking they would sell! How dim can a person be? Yes,  the car seat,  the car seat bracket (worth new about £130) went for the grand total of 99p and the baby walker went for £2.20 (there was obviously a bidding war going on!) The lady turned up in her Mercedes and gave me the money in a money bag. I didn't check it, as after all,  I could barely pay for a coffee from Starbucks with it!  She only gave me £3 instead of £3.19 ! I was diddled 19p! Oh how I wish I had given them to charity!

Below are the boys braving a lovely sunny day out!! The cup was caught with a long stick from the river!
LBL in his Wet Weather Clothes

LBR in his wet weather all in one

Keeping in theme, I thought I would show you some fantastic wellies and matching jackets  from wellies and worms

This lovely kidoarble rain coat is available in a range of fun and fresh designs with matching wellies, umbrellas and bags available to complete the look!
Kidorable raincoats are manufactured from glossy, wipe clean pvc with a comfortable polyester lining. Elasticated hood and easy to close poppers.
A matching kidorable hanger is included with the coat. available in 4 sizes to fit approx 1 yr - 6yrs:
Retails for £19.95

wellies and worms

These lovely Kidorable wellington boots are perfect for any children who love splashing around in puddles having fun. Their fun and fresh design make them the perfect gift for little feet. Matching raincoats, umbrellas and bags are available to complete the looks. all kidoarble wellies are made from natural rubber. available in children's sizes 5-12. Retails £13.47

raincoat from wellies and worms
Eye catching and fun, this delightful Kidorable bee raincoat is sure to be adored by your child. A PVC outer shell means it's easy to wipe clean and it's comfortable too, thanks to the polyester lining. Kidorable Raincoats are available in 5 sizes suitable for ages 1 to 5 years, and come supplied with a matching Kidorable hanger. Retails £19.95

Rain boots from wellies and worms

Kidorable Rain Boots - For indoor play or outdoor fun, they are sure to make a splash!. They are more than a boot. They are a wonderful gift. Made of natural rubber, they are guaranteed to be the cutest boots in you neighbourhood. Kidorable Rain Boots are available in 8 Different Sizes (from Size 5 to through Size 12). Retails £13.47

The wellies and is definitely worth a look. What is also lovely about the site, is they give you outfits. Matching boots, umbrellas and jackets in a lot of their ranges.


  1. I'm not kean on selling on ebay these days everytime i sell something it goes cheap and everytime i have my eye on something it goes higher and higher in price! go figure!! love the waterproofs your boys have on great getting out even in all this horrid weather we're having!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. Sorry i have only just worked out today how to reply!

  2. I can not believe she cheated you out of 19p, its the principle at the end of the day, you don't do it in shops and she shouldn't have done it with you! Ohhh got me all indignant! Hope you reflected this in the feedback!

    Anyway, the wellies and rain coats are ADORABLE, must buy some for my boys!

    It's great your kids are getting out, even if the weather is a bit drab!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. Sorry i have only just worked out today how to reply! I haven't left her feedback. . .i believe in Karma. I have choosen to believe it was a mistake. . or i would be spitting Fire! (i know its the principle of it!)

  3. Love your blog and your efforts to find stuff for boys!Being a girlie girl I find it really hard to find stuff for my little boy and hence started my blog!

    1. I did have a look at your blog. . .i think i am following you on face book. Sorry it has taken me a while to respond, but i didn't know how too until today!

  4. Hi Angela,

    Your a no reply blogger so I'm replying here, sorry!
    The linky is open, there is a new one each week, cop and paste the link below in a new window, link up and have fun!

  5. The dinosaur jacket is fab ! How sad the woman didn't pay - leave her negative feedback lol x

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the lovely comments. Sorry i haven't replied earlier, but i didn't know how too!