Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Euro 2012 and Flatcoated Retrievers

I used to love watching the Euro games, World cup any football tournament. The hype the wags, the ridiculousness of it all. One of my claim to fame's is, in my 20's I was in a sports pub in the city, wearing a union jack, very small top. A TV camera turned up just as England scored (a very rare occurrence) and filmed me and a friend jumping up, arms in the air. Lots of boobs bouncing and tummy showing, perfect for the 10 o'clock news! So we made "and finally " with Sir Trevor and again in the yearly round up on New Years Eve. . .those were the days of the flat tum and sky facing boobs! Now to be quite honest I can't be bothered. I just haven't got into it. The football is soooo boring, I just don't care who wins. I suspect a lot of it is to do with watching it, whilst changing nappies, feeding the tribe, clearing up,putting to bed. I wouldn't change any of it! How priorities change!

Also in our family, we have 7 fish and 2 flat coated retrievers. I had the dogs before the children. I knew they  were known to be  very good with children and with other dogs. Mine are no exception. They respond so

well with the children. They walk to heal, do silly tricks. They just really enjoy each other. If you are looking

for a family dog, you can't go wrong with a .flatcoated retriever. They are the best guard dogs out of the retriever family.   The only drawback is the mess. The big paws and the malting. But to be honest the enjoyment we all get out them them makes up for it.


  1. Beautiful dogs!
    welcome to the blogging world

    1. Thank you! Sorry it has taken me a while to respond to your comment. . .i didn't know how too! I have just worked it out this morning with a little help from one of my new blogging friends!