Friday, 29 June 2012

Giving Birth. Is it that bad?

I was asked by a friend on Face book, to leave a comment on her wall about giving birth as she had a friend who was pregnant and was terrified.  I dithered about writing something as LBR birth was best described as a "car crash"  

We decided not to have any pain relief as Step D was very ill with Leukaemia and the research had shown they thought it was prenatal. (I will write another post with more details about that) So any form of drugs in my body was not an option

Look at the size of that head!

Needless to say I had a terrible time of it.  35 hours of labour, a big baby, a lot of sick, 4 hours pushing (without any natural instinct to push. . .way too tired by then) a lot of cutting, a lot of stitches. Infection. . . .And on it goes. 

How do you make that into a positive experience? I look back in absolute horror and to be honest not in any way joyous even when they first handed me my baby.

This is what my reply was:

 My Birth was terrible with Redd. But if you asked me would I go through it again to have another baby? I wouldn't hesitate to say yes. Some people have an easier time than others. But when you are bathed, have had your Tea and toast (the best ever!) and you look at the little person your holding in your arms. You actually can't put into words the love you feel. It really does cancel out all you have been through.

Step D taking LBR on his first walk


  1. Bless you, it's hard to know what to say to a pregnant woman about labour. Come over and link this up to my birth stories post if you like - there are loads over there.

    1. I think i have worked out how to reply to comments. Thanks to "older Mum" Thankyou for taking the time to read and comment. I am going to spend a whole evening reading tonight. So will pop by your blog

  2. Sounds like your labour was very traumatic indeed ... and I am really impressed that you had another pregnancy and birth. Mine wasn't great either and I am wavering about a number two. The photos are lovely especially the last one - beautiful!

  3. Aw, such a lovely happy ending. That last picture is a beaut.