Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sickness and Danefae

We've had a stressful few days, resulting LBR being sick in both our bed and his own. I slept terribly as I had half an ear open ready to pounce with the sick bowl! So LBR is off school for 2 days. (school policy on sickness) Children are amazing, he is absolutely fine in himself now, well enough to go down to the beach and torment his baby brother!

I suspect the reason you are reading this blog is because it is "slim pickings" out there, trying to find exciting, good quality colourful boy's clothes. I have found another lovely designer out there that might excite you as much as me.

danefae. A Danish company. Why do the scandinavians think there children look great in colour, but the majority of the shops in the uk don't?

They have loads of fabulous clothes, I thought I would show you something from the baby range.

The velour is renowned for its softness that doesn’t disappear even after many many washes. Adjustable elastic waistband and elastic at the ankles, which give these pants a great looking and comfortable fit. Lovely rainbow stripes. Retail at 40euro

Cute baby body made in Danefæ’s renowned super soft material. The garments made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra are dyed through and not just printed on so the colors keep wash after wash. Buttons on the shoulder make our bodysuits easy to put on.
A striped bodysuit in indigo and white colors with "Viking" print. Retails at  26.77 euros. Only comes in 3months OR 2 years. So if your inbetween, you have to wait!

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  1. these are so cute, its so hard to get nice colourful clothes for boys