Saturday, 23 June 2012

"Color in Kids" and Buckets of Water!

 We have found a new way of entertaining the boys. Getting a couple of old buckets,  filling them with bubbles and warm water and a couple of bath toys and hey presto, hours and hours of fun.

A lot of back breaking work for Moma, carrying out hundreds of buckets of hot water.  A lot of mess, where wet dirty feet walk in and out of the kitchen. But worth it!

I have just come across this fabulous company color in kidsColor in Kids tees and sweats are designed for kids to color over and over again. Each shirt comes packaged with 5 washable markers and instructions for use. The color washes out of the shirt completely each time it is washed and is safe for regular laundry. Color In Kids markers are 100% certified non-toxic and can be recharged by dipping the tip in water. 

color in kids T shirts
Sizes range from 2 - 20 months and cost $15

I especially love the design below, I can imagine LBR really enjoying creating his masterpiece and then showing it off.

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  1. I love the bucket idea. My LO loves splashing her hands around in bowls I fill with water and bubbles for her. Now I can take it to the next level. Loved the photos too. From those little expressions it definitely looked to be worth the back breaking.