Saturday, 14 July 2012

Flatcoated Retriever & Bournemouth Beach

Its been a long day, It began at 4.15am this morning. I can hear you say " That's because you have children"  It wasn't the children it was the darn dog!

Finaly my flatcoated retriever, likes to catch sand and water. I met "The Husband" through this particular fetish.
Finlay made friends with a white Labrador who loves to dig.The perfect combination. The white lab dug and Finlay stood behind her and caught. A match made in heaven. So the labs owner and I used to have to stand around whilst they played. It was inevitable that  Mary and I became friends.

A couple of Months later Mary invited me round for supper as well as her nephew. . . . .who later became "the Husband"

I digress. My niece took the dogs out onto the beach last night to see the Olympic celebrations. The first of the Bournemouth fireworks. (my dogs are gun dogs and LOVE fireworks!) It was perfect hunting ground for sand catching,as the kids where out in force.

The conclusion was, half the beach on the floor through their coat and the other half due to poor Finlay being sick. (having swallowed half the beach and sea water) So that's what I was doing at 4.15 this morning! The day could only get better!

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