Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Birds and the Bees & Boys Trunks!

LBR has been asking me "how did I pop out of your tummy?"  I decided with my children any thing to do with sex and their bodies,  I would answer as truthfully as possible and as accurate as possible. So I told him where he "popped" out. (if you call 35 hours of child birth a lot of medical intervention, popping out!) we then had a discussion on how painful it was and obviously being a boy he wanted to know how gory it also was.

The next day we went swimming. He went up to the first lady he saw and proceeded to tell her, "I popped out of Mummy's girl bits. I had a very big head and it hurt her lots and lots. It was quite disgusting because I had lots of blood all over me.  It was OK though as Mummy wished and wished for me and God let her have her wish. . .if you want my mummy can tell you all about it!" I declined that one and so did the poor elderly lady who was just putting her shoes on!

We are off on holiday next week, so I thought I would show you a few pairs of trucks from Hatley and Small Paul
Hatley Boys Swim Trucks

Hatley Boys' Swim Trunks - Wild Pirates
Have some fun in the sun and the water with Hatley's board-short style boys swim trunks. The Wild Pirates swim trunk features two velcro-close cargo pockets, elastic waist, faux-fly with tie string, and mesh lining.

Some thing a little different. 

Paul Frank Swim Trucks

Fantastic swimming trunks from Paul Frank in Red with blue  and white stripes and classic Julius the monkey design. Made from 80% polyester and 20% lycra.  Price £17.90


  1. You can always trust your kids to tell the truth, and all the details .... at the wrong moment! Noooooooooo .......

    1. When his teacher came to visit him last year before starting reception. The first thing he told her was " I have just had worms" have you ever had them?. . . He is a one!

  2. Oh! I love that LBR story :)
    Angela, you should take a look at Primark at the moment. They have dome lovely coloured trousers in just now.

  3. *some, not dome!