Monday, 28 May 2012

Grumpy Husband and no added sugar

What a day! It started so well. I walked to school with LBR, LBL and the 2 Dogs.  LBL me and the Dogs then walked along Bournemouth cliff top down to the beach, where we threw the ball for the dogs and splashy stones for Lexx. Perfect.   Then it all went wrong! My husband had an important meeting in the city. He had his suit dry cleaned and  brought a new shirt. I gave him a lift to the station, carrying a cup of tea!. . .bad mistake. (especially as he didn't want me to take it) I went round a corner and the whole cup went over him. Lets just say there were a few choice words spoken! It didn't end there. I came in this evening, went to lock the door and the key has broken in the lock. . . . . the second time in as many months. Husband is NOT going to be amused!

To cheer me up I have been on to the  no added sugar website just admiring their lovely long sleeve T's

They are £25 and sizes come in 2-12 years. I think they show a sense of humour and a bit of fun.

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