Friday, 11 May 2012

A Gentle Stroll to School.

Well what a day. Redd was 5 last week and like alot of boys his age, he wanted a bike.  We decided this morning we would ride it to school. (he’s only been on it a couple of times) So we set off.  Me, Lexx in his buggy and my 2 flat coated retrievers and Redd on his new bike. . . . . . .BIG MISTAKE!  The first 400 meters of the path are near a busy road, with a very small path, which slopes into the road.  Redd was worried about falling into the road, so was going so slowly, he WAS falling into the road!. The two dogs were between Redd and me and Lexx. So when he fell, he was landing on them or going over their foot.  200 meters into it, I could of cried! I was completely out of control! We eventually got to school, 10 minutes late. It should have taken 25 minutes, but took 50! I think I aged 20 years!

Once Redd was safely at school and a friend had taken Redd's bike home. Lexx the Dogs and I walked home in sunshine. We then stopped at a friends house for a medicinal cup of tea (i needed it!) and a bounce on the trampoline.

Lexx is wearing skinny grey jeans which I love him in. His top is a very "in the moment" union jack T with red, white and blue, ribbons. I think it was meant to be a girls top. But I don't think it's girly at all!

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