Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bournemouth & Boys bedroom idea's

Sunrise on Bournemouth Beach

What a lovely few days! It has been absolutely beautiful in Bournemouth. For any of you that have never been, Bournemouth beach has beautiful fine sand which merges with Poole beach and goes on for miles and miles. It has great facilities all along it. I went to Hawaii a few years ago and believe it or not, I think Bournemouth Beach is better than Big Beach (which was in Conde Nast, best beaches in the world) . . .although the water is a little colder!

Beautiful sands of Bournemouth Beach 

We have been decorating LBR bedroom. I found it surprisingly difficult. He has only just turned 5, but want him to have it for at least a couple of years, so it can't be too babyish. I came across this fabulous blog Have a look at the amazing rooms. . . . some people are so clever!

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  1. Don't put yourself down LBG's bedroom is a credit to you!

    Grandad xx