Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Terrible two's and Time moving on!

For regular readers,  apologies  for not posting for a while. I have no real excuse other than for some reason my joy of putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) left me. I hope to redress this in the next few weeks, I hope with a renewed vigor!

A lot has happened namely my 2 year old has gone from a toddler to a little boy (sob, sob!)

Caterpillar is potty trained (except for the past 4 days, when he decided it was "funny" to poo in his pants) Mummy hasn't laughed much!

Caterpillar has also dropped his sleep, so around 5 o clock is a little fraught in our household! The terrible 2s has hit with vengeance. How can a quiet loving little chap, turn into a tantrum throwing little monster, who blows raspberries at you when you tell him off!

Caterpillar has now moved into LBR room and his room has become a playroom.

Caterpillar is now an absolute demon on LBR scooter. He has the grazed chin and forehead to prove it!

Caterpillar has now started African Dancing and LOVES it. How can two children be so different. LBR absolutely hates noise (if he isn't making it) He still hates music, singing, dance and yet that is all Caterpillar wants to do. LBR idea of Hell is Caterpillars idea of heaven!

LBR is now able to read, really well. In a year he has gone from not knowing all his letters to reading well above his age. It really is very impressive what a good state primary school and  parent involvement can achieve!


  1. Lovely to see you in my inbox again - I had wondered where you'd gone! I hope all is well. Sounds like Caterpillar is really growing up - Little A is on her way to dropping her final nap at the moment - so sleep and nap times are a little all over the show at the moment!

    1. Still around, just life taking over some what!