Sunday, 6 February 2011

Baby Blues

I was so excited taking my boy home. I had these amazing ideas of dressing him in fun original clothes. I was one of the few people now a day’s that didn’t know the sex of their baby before it was born. So other than a few baby grows in white, I didn’t have a thing.
The first trip was to mother care. All very sweet things, reasonable quality, but unless you wanted to dress your boy in baby blue, or beige you were stumped. I then went to pretty much all the other well known shops that sell baby clothes and came up with the same things. Blue, blue and more blue.

What is it with clothing manufacturers? Why oh why do they assume the mothers of boy babies do not have any imagination. That we all want our “little men” to be clones of each other?
I eventually gave up and went on line. . . it still wasn’t easy. But I found some lovely stuff that was made in Holland and Finland and the uk (you will see from my previous posts how much I think of dijjie Lovely quality and not baby blue!

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